While the REVEAL website provides all kind of information on the EVALUATION of informal learning we thought it would be a good idea to create a systematic approach for the "PLANNING" of informal learning. What's the use of evaluation if one cannot transfer it into improvement and consider the experiences made in the planning of the next learning process. Though it may sound a little bit paradox: Informal learning processes can be planned or at least improved. The idea was already formulated in the first REVEAL projects ACT and ACT-NET). What was needed was a kind of systematic approach to categorise different ways of informal learning in order to find out which method serves best certain purposes. This is why we invented the repository of "informal Learning Patterns", an inventory of 50 learning patterns. Maybe you find some appealing ILP for your own project? We tried to describe them in a way that may give you new impulses for your own informal learning. Just click on the link "REVEAL WIKI" to access it.