REVEAL - Research and Evaluation Group for Validation, Evidencing and Assessing of Informal and Non-formal Learning.

REVEAL is a transnational group of European experts and practitioners working in 25 organisations from 22 European member states collaborating in the field of evaluation of informal and non-formal learning.

In the framework of a series of EU-funded projects between 2005 and 2015 the REVEAL community has been developing a unique validation approach for informal and non-formal learning.

The approach - named "LEVEL5" - has been piloted and applied in more than 100 learning projects and scientifically evaluated in the framework of two international PhD thesis.

LEVEL5 has been created to serve especially target groups that learn outside formal education contexts and their learning facilitators, be it adult learning providers, care organisations, grassroot projects and others.

On this website you may learn more about our community, the reasons why we collaborate in REVEAL and the services that we offer. You get detailed information on our validation approach LEVEL5 and the web-based software system that facilitates the documentation and visualisation of learners’ competence developments.
Our community partners and their organisations are presented in the partner section.
You will get an overviews of previous and present projects in which the approach has been applied, further developed and fine-tuned according to the demands of specific target groups.