REVEAL offers a system for evaluating and evidencing learning outcomes by means of a well developed, unique approach that has been scientifically approved and applied in a large scope of learning projects in non-formal and informal contexts.

The LEVEL5 evaluation procedure is, on the one hand, standardised but enables at the same time grass-root projects to establish an individualised reference system for assessing and evidencing relevant competence of their beneficiaries in a process-orientated way. The web-based LEVEL5-software facilitates the comprehensive documentation and visualisation of learners’ competence developments in all kinds of learning arrangements.

The approach allows learning providers to evidence the impact of their work according to a standardised procedure, while keeping the specifications of their informal learning projects in their individual contexts.

The REVEAL group intends to set up a stable European wide structure that shall support learners and learning facilitators - be it teachers, trainers, helpers, counsellors, accompanying persons, assessors, evaluators etc.

In this connection the REVEAL group intends to establish a growing European wide community of experts providing help and guidance for stakeholders in the field (e.g. citizens’ communities, grass-root projects but also providers of extracurricular activities etc.).