LEVEL5 is based on a standardised 5–step procedure using:

  • preformatted project descriptions,
  • competence inventories,
  • contextualised 3-dimensional reference systems,
  • assessment tool-box,
  • individualised documentation (evidencing) system, consisting of learner’s certificates that display competence developments by means of a unique informal learning cube system.

For each informal learning project, specific learning reference systems are developed; learning outcomes will be individually evaluated against these reference systems. The results will be processed, documented and visualised in the LEVEL5 software system giving evidence about the individual development of competences during the learning action.

There are two ways of evaluation that lead to a documentation of learners’ competence developments and/or the certification of the non-formal or informal learning project:

  1. Auto-Evaluation
  2. External Evaluation

If you are interested to evaluate your project, your activities, your learners and learning outcomes with the help of LEVEL5 we will be happy to assist you.