The ultimate aim of the REVEAL counselling is to validate your learning project - the evidence that your project is planned and carried out according to good practice.

For this purpose our accredited evaluators will accompany your project and support you in the planning and evaluation processes of your informal and non-formal learning.

To receive this type of REVEAL label the project has to comply with the REVEAL quality criteria (validity, objectivity, reliability and category consistency).

Still we believe that evaluators should rather be "critical friends" than "controlling bodies". Thus, we would rather talk about counselling, support and help than about assessment.

In a nutshell, the validation of the learning projects is based on an intensive counselling process that has to be planned and adopted between the project owner and the external accredited REVEAL assessor.

The counselling concept will be planned in terms of

  • Structure
    - concept
    - support elements
  • Methodolgy
    - face to face
    - e-counselling via online conferencing
  • Timing and
  • Intensity

If you are interested to have your project evaluated externally by means of LEVEL5 we will be happy to assist you.