Specific course modules about the LEVEL5 approach that present real case examples micro learning projects) have been developed by a REVEAL workgroup consisting of partners from RO, SE, NL, BE, ES, DE and LV. They have been delivered in the framework of three conferences from 2007 to 2010.

The modules are aiming at enabling European stakeholders to apply the LEVEL5 evaluation methodology on the basis of a profound introduction in practical evaluation.
Each module is passing through the whole evaluation procedure but put its focus on a different evaluation step.

Each learning unit (or procedural step) is being introduced by a theoretical input about the evaluation step and the applied methodology. The micro-projects serve to deepen the knowledge and transfer it in a practical example.

The practical learning modules have been combined to a perfected course and delivered to a European Audience in blended learning methodology with a 16 hours preliminary phase (in approximately two months) in eLearning modality before the 4-5 days face to face (f2f) phase and a 16 hours follow-up phase.

The theoretical background is being delivered in the preliminary phase in asynchronous and synchronous web-based learning (LMS, blogs and ePortfolios and online conference rooms).

The activity related competencies (=> applying the evaluation methodology) will be conveyed in the f2f-section. The follow-up phase will offer opportunities to accompany the projects of the participants and exchange experiences via online conferencing.

The course will be offered as Grundtvig3 course from 2011 onwards.