The GSD project finally had its kick-off meeting in Göttingen

The GSD project officially kicked off with its first face-to-face meeting in Göttingen at the end of June 2022.

All six partners from five European countries – Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia and Sweden as well as Germany as host – came together to focus on the common goal: Raising awareness and empowering adult learners to change their behaviour and actively engage in sustainability and create sustainable development projects.

The partnership was already in close exchange, but with the meeting a better connection was built and the level of moving forward was pushed even further. As green projects are our future, there is no time to waste.

While the management of the project was discussed and organisational settings were developed, most of the time was spent developing a framework for the first deliverable: the GSD Inventory. A collection of best practices for sustainable approaches and projects.

Time is of the essence and the GSD team has dug into the topic and created a new format to collect sustainability concepts and present them in a new light.

Stay tuned and be among the first to learn more about the GSD Inventory at our website: GSD Project.