The Leuven Conference, October 14th 2011

5th European Conference on Validation and Evidencing Informal and Non-Formal Learning in European Collaboration and Mobility Actions

On October 14th, 2011 the fifth conference on Validation and Evidencing of learning outcomes acquired in informal and non-formal learning was carried out in the Irish College in Leuven, Belgium.

It was designed to contribute to the actual discussion of evidencing learning outcomes in collaborative projects, partnerships
and mobility actions.

The conference
The conference in Leuven is the first REVEAL "cluster meeting" comprising the four LLP sectors Adult, Vocational, School and Higher Education. It was developed in the framework of the projects VIP and VILMA dealing with validation of learning outcomes in European projects and partnerships and mobility actions. Within this conference we presented the outcomes of the VIP project, applied the LEVEL5 instruments and created new opportunities for projects and services in the field of learning outcome validation.
About 60 participants, educational experts and practitioners from more than 15 European countries, from different kinds of European projects, universities, schools and training institutes as well as national and European
decision makers and funding organisations attended the 5th REVEAL conference in Leuven.

Download the Conference documentation -> here