LEVEL5 comes with three main learning technologies

  1. The LEVEL5 validation software
  2. The my-VITA e-Portfolio system
  3. The LEVEL5 Learning Management System (based on Moodle Open Source Software)

LEVEL5 validation software

  • Fully fledged competence management software for small and large scale settings; available in more than 15 languages,
  • ECVET/EQF modules,
  • Informal learning planning and assessment instruments

my-VITA e-Portfolio

  • e-portfolio  as individual and community learning solution
  • based on MaharaOpen Source Software
  • EUROPASS CV generator of the latest specification with interfaces to LMS and Validation software
  • Multiple project accounts for our members
  • currently ~ 1000 users in 20 projects

LEVEL5 Learning Management System

  • Carries validation units and courses
  • interface between e-Portfolio and validation

Interfaces to other systems and specifications

LEVEL5 and its instruments are compatible to the major European validation approaches and instruments such as EQF, ECVET and EUROPASS. They have been developed in the framework of a large number of Research and Development projects aiming at the improvement and mainstreaming of European Validation approaches.

They deliver additional value to those systems e.g. in the validation of social, personal and Lifelong Learning key competences or in less fomalised learning projects or in learning o the job.
LEVEL5 can be easily connected to other instruments like ProfilPASS or Youthpass.

The LEVEL5 learning technologies are connected via LTI standards.


We and our partners provide learning technology solutions all over Europe as specific services or complete packages ranging from:

  • innovative, competence oriented blended learning programmes
    • instructional design, didactics and matehtics
    • development of customised multimedia learning content
  • design and development of customised learning environments
    • design of learning platform solutions with seamless movement and content transfer between e-Portfolio, LMS and validation software
  • server technologies (server housing, hosting) and all relevant back-up technologies