REVEAL is also the name of an ERASMUS+ project; the acronyme stands for “Reconstructing an Environment for continuing professional development and Validation for Educators in Adult Learning”. It helps us to mainstream our approaches and instruments and to set up a quality approach and professionalisation approach for adult educationalists all over Europe.

The REVEAL project focuses on Erasmus+ KA1 courses for Adult Educators. It seeks to make the European course offers visible and comparable in the neutral EQF system (European Qualification Framework). At the same time the project provides an attractive marketing system for these courses.

To learn more about the experiences and needs of KA1 participants, course providers and sending organisations a short online survey was developed and you are kindly invited to participate:
You can win a prize offered by the REVEAL network to participate in European REVEAL conferences in Palermo (IT) and Thessaloniki (GR) in autumn 2018 and 2019, respectively.

If you wish to learn more about the REVEAL project, its activities, objectives and partnership, or the REVEAL network, please feel free to browse on our website or to contact us.