LEVEL5 and its infrastructure and services are run by a European network of experts working in research, development and practice in 20 countries.

Our partners provide services in DE, AT, CH, IT, FR, LT, LV, SK, GR, ES, PT, SE, NL, BE, BG, RO, TR, IR and the UK. We aim at delivering high quality standardised services related to Competence Oriented Learning and Validation in most EU member states and beyond.

Our partnership unites in  REVEALto develop and deliver:

  • Counselling,
  • Training and
  • Development.

Our goal is to introduce the approach in all informal and formal educational areas, ranging from volunteering and internship projects, School, Vocational and Higher Education to highly specialised and individualised learning-on-the-job programmes. As a matter of fact there is no “solution from the shelf” that fit to all frame conditions.
Therefore we develop and deliver our services together with partners and clients in a highly participatory approach to empower the teams to implement and maintain the COL approach on their own.

Our services relate to the following areas:

  • Validation of competences
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of competence oriented learning arrangements
  • Blended learning solutions using state-of-the-art learning technologies
  • Introduction of competence management systems in organisations and enterprises
    • Developing customised competence management systems with contextualised competence framework and reference systems for each competence,
    • Deriving related assessment and validation concepts
    • Setting up skills development and competence oriented learning scenarios, e.g. in learning on the job or other informal learning settings
    • Developing existing training and learning offers to competence-oriented learning and validation elements
    • Connecting LEVEL5 competence management tools with existing learning environments
    • Supporting the introduction and implementation of competence management, which can be integrated as an internal project in the company QM.
  • Research and Development (e.g. on innovative learning approaches and learning technologies)
  • Development and management of large scale capacity building projects
  • Project evaluations