In REVEAL we will now focus on professionalization related to educational competences of European Adult Education providers and offer a European qualification platform for professionals.
For this purpose the learning technologies, developed in the forerunner project IMPACT, will be combined with the CPD approaches of the projects PROVIDE and OWL to establish a powerful network and platform aiming at:

  1. Providing a digital learning and developing environment for AE providers.
  2. Developing an internet based open source platform for the continuous professionalization for AE providers based on
    a. The educational workflow of planning – delivery – validation and evaluation
    b. The 4 step validation procedure (Identification, Documentation, Assessment, Certification)
  3. Providing a specific environment for KA1 courses and combining it with a quality management approach based on the projects/networks IMPACT and GINCO.
  4. Setting up a large scale European OER network and material repository from which community members may take or add OER-contents.

With this REVEAL creates a cornerstone for the “new way of (competence oriented) learning”, for the further utilisation of OER (open educational resources) and rich open learning environments.
It will promote validation as future tool in qualifications and CPD in AE and for courses for educational professionals in the AE community.