LEVEL5 and its tools and services have been developed based on state-of-the-art educational, psychological and neurobiological works e.g.:

  • Taxonomy (Bloom, Anderson and derivates),
  • Instructional Design Models and Informal Learning Patterns (Flechsig/Haller),
  • Experiential Learning (Kolb)) and
  • Competence Theory (Erpenbeck)

It relates to universally recognised pedagogical principles (e.g. Learning with Head, Hand and Heart, Mathetics1 (Pestalozzi, Comenius)) and circular management approaches (PCA, PDCA; Lewin, Deeming)).
Since early 2000 have been working and developing state of the art open source learning technologies CMS, LMS, e-Portfolios, Validation software) based on IMS standards.

1 As counterpart to “Didactics“ (the art of teaching) Comenius coined the term „Mathetics“ as the art of learning