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In the documentation below we included the programme again and linked all relevant recordings for the respective sessions. Feel free to browse and look at some of the events from the two days again. 

You can also find the padlet with our conference attendees and of course the virtual exhibition. You are also still able to download the Badges app to experience the exhibition on your phone and even earn a badge. 

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Below you can find the programme with linked recordings of the respective sessions. 


Welcome and Introduction

Who is here today?


Intro to the content of the conference

Project Teasers:
CIM & Pitch (Creativity and Innovation)
Job-bridge (Volunteering)

11:15Macarena Break
11:25Panel: Creativity and Innovation as drivers for prosperity and cohesion: Vision and Reality
12:15How to work with Miro – Introduction
12:30Introduction to the workshops
12:40Opening of the Virtual Exhibition
13:00-14:00Lunch Break

Interactive Workshop Sessions:
Design Thinking workshops to tackle the current challenges in European learning.The settings:

1. Higher Education on digitalisation, new ways of learning and academia-business collaboration

2. Business (HR and development) on sustainability, circular economy, new ways of learning

3. Adult Education on resilience of the organisation, digitalisation and new ways of learning, culture, community development and cultural heritage

-> The making of: Story about cultural heritage interpretation

4. Volunteering on mobility, new ways of learning, competence validation

5. In an association (network) of students on new ways of learning, mobilities and business connection

-> Interlude: Learning by heart


Leisure time / exhibition / activating workshops:

17:00 Latin Dance Moves 
Put your dancing shoes on and get ready for some Latin music and moves

17:30 Greek language course 
Ever wondered how to order a drink in Greek? Here is where you get to learn it and more.

18:00 Setting the scene for the evening… where we would have been today.

18:30 Get ready for the joint Aperitif – Prepare snacks and drinks from across Europe

19:00Joint Aperitif – get together for informal talks and homemade drinks

Listen to the story of the great Storyteller Nick Hennessey.

Discussion following the storytelling event

11:30Award Ceremony – Presentations from the Winners
12:30Conclusion and recommendations to induce innovation and creativity in future learning programmes
13:00-14:00Lunch Break 
14:00-16:00Project development workshops 
 End of conference

Our Conference Attendees

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Virtual Exhibition

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Room Plan

WS1 - Higher Education
WS2 - Business
WS3 - Adult Education
WS4 - Volunteering
WS5 - Students