PROVIDE is a web platform for the educational sector, namely for

  • Course Providers
  • Adult Education and other educational Organisations and their
  • Professionals (Trainers, Teachers and other educational staff)

It aims to:

  • Facilitating Learning and Validation for educational professionals (Learning space)
  • Hosting high quality courses and other learning opportunities for educational professionals (Showroom for course providers as well for hosting organisations that offer job shadowing opportunities)
  • Hosting profiles of KA1 projects and grant winning organisations
  • Providing a quality approach for European KA1 offers


With this it contributes to the Development of a European platform of OER contents on professionalisation

  • Setting up a framework for CPD
  • OER (open educational resources)
  • Integrating it into a validation approach

PROVIDE is an instrument which is based on and has been developed in the following projects and networks:

  • The PROVIDE project
    • Developed a CPD system for AE professionals based on the study on “Key Competences for Adult Educators (2006, Research voor Beleid)
  • The GINCO network
    • Network for course organisers
    • GINCO TT project to provide quality assurance instruments
  • The IMPACT project
    • Investigation ECVET specifications and state of the art of validation in the VET sector and
    • providing state of the art learning technologies
  • OWL
    • The OWL project of the German Institute for Adult Education
    • providing a self-learning platform for the large AE community in Germany