Between 2017 and 2019 REVEAL developed the following outcomes:

  1. Stocktaking report (O1): On KA1 course providers, KA1 educational institutes, KA1 learners (professionals), their requirements, experiences on competence   development and validation (LINK)
  2. Qualification framework (O2)by Developing a Competence framework for AE professionals alsong the educational action fields including LEVEL5 Reference systems with a connection to EQF and ECVET (LINK)
  3. Modular competence oriented learning approach (O3) producing the central REVEAL publication comprising the background theories of the Competence Oriented Learning and Validation (COL&V) approach in connection with a CPD for Educational professions which is available as online and offline publication (LINK)
  4. The PROVIDE platform for KA1 stakeholders developed based on extensive research and interaction with the target group ( and a platform  for Continuing Professional Development within the MATHETICS learning suite ( as well as links to OER learning technologies produces by the REVEAL group (
  5. A Curriculum for a modular Qualification for course providers and experts in COL&V (O5) (LINK)
  6. And eventually an Implementation Strategy for the Professionalisation of Educational personnel in Adult Education under the REVEAL network umbrella.(LInK)