The core partner team that gathered during the final conference of the first REVEAL-project ACT! in December 2007 had the idea to establish a transnational network of experts from research and practice. The aim is to create substantial contributions to the  “Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning”.
Against the background that especially the adult or lifelong learning community should profit from these learning modalities we unite behind the following principles:

  • Non-formal and informal learning should gain more attention in the European learning community.
  • It should be recognised on an individual and purely voluntary level.
  • It should reflect the living and learning contexts of the individuals
  • It should ground on action research principles and include all stakeholders (experts from the field, the learners) in the evaluation process.
  • It should not only evaluate learning following a utilitarian approach, e.g. to improve employability, but should also recognise a free learning which is not directed to specific job-related competences.
  • In the first place the validation of informal learning shall support the individual by highlighting the developed competences to raise motivation to learn in informal learning contexts.
  • It shall also contribute to a recognition of good informal learning practice in terms of learning outcomes to motivate learning providers to increase their efforts to create good informal learning offers.