In Autumn 2017 blinc developed the REBUS competence framework based on the LEVEL5 reference systems. The REBUS competence inventory is an open catalogue of competences that are relevant for entrepreneurship education.

We grounded the development of the CF on the works of the Entrecomp project.


EntreComp describes Entrepreneurship as a combination of 15 “aspects” which describe the abilities of an entrepreneur along three main phases of the entrepreneurial process:

  1. Developing ideas and opportunities
  2. Mobilising resources
  3. Putting everything into action

This approach has been largely supported by the European Commission and it is certainly one of the most elaborated models on the issue. However, even as the EntreComp consortium describes the 15 aspects as “competences” the REBUS partnership disagrees in this regard since at least some of the points listed above are not competences along the following definition:

A competence is the ability to apply a synthesis of

  • Knowledge,
  • Skills and
  • Attitudes

in a particular situation and in a particular quality[1].

The problem of aspects like “Vision” or “Looking for opportunities” (among others) is that these aspects cannot be operationalised in such a way that they can be measured for validation purposes or trained along a system of competence levels. This, however, is what the REBUS project is looking for. Apart from this, REBUS needs the operationalisation to connect its approach to EU Validation systems like ECVET or the European Qualification Framework.

Hence the workgroup in charge decided to blend the EntreComp with the LEVEL5 validation system which has been grounded on the aforementioned competence definition.

Download the competence framework (excerpt) REBUS_competences_refsys&descriptions_excerpt