The PRACTICE project is coming to an end and the last months have been full of activities, events and initiatives to disseminate the results achieved and the products developed as widely as possible.

On 14 October, the partners met online to review all the phases of the project, analyse the impact achieved and share lessons learned and opportunities for improvement in the future. As in each of the partner countries the conditions were different just because of COVID 19, the partners always tried to go different ways and to inform the other partners about the related achievements.

We have reflected on what has been done and what still needs to be done to promote the role of schools as a fundamental link in the chain of radicalisation prevention and to plan future steps to continue working on these issues.

Although the project is now nearing completion, the whole partnership is convinced that a long-term impact of the materials and concepts developed will have a positive impact within schools. In addition, many other connection points are already emerging at this point, such as integration into different institutions that are specifically oriented towards youth development. Other teachers and trainers who are not regularly employed in schools, but who specialise in conducting in-depth trainings and seminars, have also already shown great interest.

The continuation of the PRACTICE project with its goals can be described as sustainable without question.

Many thanks again to all actors and partners for a successful cooperation!