The Facilitators’ training on Sustainable Development (SD) is about new ways of training and learning in enterprises and business. It is designed to introduce SD in the enterprises’ corporate management with the help of a truly participatory approach.

Sustainable development is a hot topic worldwide. More and more enterprises and their employees people become aware of their responsibility for climate change mitigation, circular economy and corporate social responsibility – to name just a few elements and approaches relating to SD.

The image of a “sustainable enterprise” becomes an increasingly important factor for candidates to choose an employer.
Hence a participatory approach for an integral sustainability management in enterprises is a key success factor to recruit staff and to develop an identification with the enterprise.

Corporate Sustainability Management affords innovative, collaborative and constructive learning concepts since it can neither be decreed top-down by the management nor implemented without the active participation of the staff members.

Hence the facilitators’ course grounds on a Design Based Collaborative Learning approach which facilitates the joint development of concrete sustainability projects within the organisation. These projects are being developed by teams of committed staff members.

In the training they collaborate in the framework of an innovative Continuing Professional Development programme.

The “SD facilitators” need to be competent in:

• Sustainability Management based on the SDGs
• Design based Collaboration
• Competence Oriented Learning and Validation
• Digitally supported (online) facilitation

In the SD facilitators-course we will convert much learning time into active working time and less on theory. The concepts of sustainability and the SDGs will be delivered by a specific app (and in a preliminary workshop), competence theory, taxonomies and validation will be provided on an online learning platform.

This synchronous course provides on the one hand the innovative facilitation approaches, methods and tools and on the other hand a collaborative development space for joint projects.

Envisaged Outputs (for each facilitator) are SD implementation projects (concepts) which will be developed in teams in the enterprises and which are, at the same time, CPDs for their participating staff members.
In the training the facilitators will work in intercultural teams on the design and conceptualisation of innovative facilitation concepts for Sustainable Development concepts in the enterprises.

Eventually each facilitators’ team will present its prototype in a pitch and explain the process of spotting ideas and opportunities.
The course will end with a self-assessment and validation.
In the follow-up phase the trainers are supposed to transfer their design-based collaborative learning projects to (their) enterprises in which staff members implement sustainable development activities and management.