Into the topic

The ARIES project is conducting a survey to better understand how teachers across Europe are using and can use augmented and immersive reality in their classrooms. The aim of the survey is to gain insights into the practical uses, challenges and successes of integrating these technologies into classroom practice.

It will also explore the basic skills that may be an important component in the development of future educational initiatives related to augmented and immersive reality.

We invite teachers from all European regions to participate in this survey and share their experiences with augmented and immersive reality technologies in the classroom. Your input will give us valuable insights into the real-world implementation of these tools and allow us to refine our approach and better support teachers. Your input is important in determining the direction of the ARIES project and ensuring that it is aligned with the realities of the classroom. Please take a moment to get involved by clicking on the link below. Thank you for your valuable input and support.