Highlights from the Transnational Partners Meeting in Trikala

Fresh from the Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) held a week ago in the picturesque setting of Trikala, Greece, the ARIES project is buzzing with excitement about the latest developments and future plans. The meeting, which spanned two days of intense collaboration and discussion, focused on the key findings of the research phase and laid the groundwork for the upcoming teacher training initiatives, which are due to begin in Palermo in November.

The TPM discussions focused on the central role of teachers in the implementation of Augmented and Immersive Reality (AR & IR) concepts in the classroom. At the forefront of these discussions was the identification and refinement of key competences that are essential for teachers to effectively integrate AR and IR technologies into their teaching practice.

Based on the insights and experiences gained during the research phase, the partners have engaged in an intensive dialogue to ensure that the framework of competences can meet the needs and realities of educators. The aim of this collaboration is to support teachers in developing the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to navigate the evolving landscape of educational technology and provide engaging learning experiences for their students.

Looking ahead, the focus shifts to the upcoming teacher training sessions in Palermo, where educators will have the opportunity to dive deep into AR and IR concepts and gain practical insights into their implementation. These trainings are a crucial step in providing teachers with the tools and resources they need to be successful in an increasingly digital learning environment.

As the ARIES project evolves and grows, we remain committed to our mission of advancing education through innovative technology. Stay tuned for future developments.