Preparing the DALFYS training course for secondary school teachers in Poland in September ‘22

After more than one year of online meetings, collaborations and pair work, partners are now ready to meet each other in presence! It will happen in September in Gdańsk, Poland, for the Short-term joint staff training event. This event will be held in the headquarters of the Polish partner “DC Edukacja”, that is organizing the meeting under the guidance of the project coordinator ITET Girolamo Caruso. During the training all partners will work together to: (1) finalize lesson plans and learning units; (2) assess the competences/subcomptences to the LEVEL5 methodology and the project reference system; (3) share with each other the strategy to manage their pilots. In fact, after a little time all partners will run their pilots in their countries, by november 2022. The consortium is working hard to define the agenda and all partners’ tasks, then the training event will be ready.

See you in Gdańsk!