eDialogue Piloting: Embarking on a New Phase

The eDialogue project has reached an exciting phase as we prepare to embark on the pilot program. After dedicated efforts and some final touches, the training content is now ready to be piloted. Although it took a little longer to ensure all partner languages are represented on the platform, there is still time for educators and trainers to get involved. Join our eLearning platform and stay connected through our social media channels to stay updated on this exciting journey.

Ready for Piloting

The wait is over! We are delighted to announce that the eDialogue pilot program is ready to launch. The comprehensive training content, carefully crafted to promote inclusive education and address key social issues, is now available for educators and trainers to explore and utilize in their classrooms. This pilot phase offers a valuable opportunity to actively engage with the eDialogue approach, provide feedback, and shape the future of inclusive education.

Inclusive Learning on the eLearning Platform

By joining our eLearning platform, educators gain access to a wealth of resources, interactive activities, and collaborative spaces that foster inclusive learning environments. The platform serves as a central hub where educators can explore the training content, exchange ideas with fellow professionals, and discover innovative approaches to address social issues in their classrooms. Together, we can collectively work towards promoting social inclusion and creating transformative learning experiences.

Get Involved

There is still time for educators and trainers to get involved in the eDialogue project. By participating in the pilot program, you have the opportunity to shape the future direction of inclusive education and contribute to the ongoing development of the eDialogue approach. We welcome your valuable feedback, insights, and experiences as we strive to create an educational landscape that empowers all learners.

Join the eDialogue Community

We invite you to join our eLearning platform and become part of the eDialogue community. By joining, you can connect with educators and trainers from around the world, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative teaching strategies. Together, we can create inclusive learning environments that empower students to navigate social challenges with empathy and resilience.

Stay Updated

To stay informed about the latest developments and updates in the eDialogue project, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms serve as valuable channels to receive timely updates, engage in discussions, and access additional resources. By staying connected, you can actively participate in the eDialogue community and contribute to the advancement of inclusive education.

Take Action: Be a Catalyst for Inclusive Learning with eDialogue:

The eDialogue project enters an exciting new phase as we launch the pilot program. With the training content now available for educators and trainers, there is still time to get involved and make a difference in promoting inclusive education. Join our eLearning platform, connect with like-minded professionals, and actively engage in shaping the future of inclusive learning. Together, we can create transformative educational experiences that foster social inclusion and empower students to thrive.

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