Following a successful pilot program in 2022, we are excited to announce the return of the minimal music workshop with upper school students in Kassel. This workshop will take place in September 2023, offering an exceptional opportunity for both students and their teachers to explore the world of minimal music together.

In this collaborative workshop, teachers and students will work together to delve into the rich history of minimal music, engaging with renowned compositions and nurturing their own creative pieces.

Throughout the workshop, we will emphasize the pedagogical advantages and the inclusive nature of minimal music, as well as its characteristic attributes, including its presuppositionlessness, simplicity, and enduring ‘timelessness.’ We will also explore how minimal music connects with diverse cultures and fosters a distinctive musical approach that navigates between the eternal poles of ‘E-music’ and ‘U-music.’

Following the workshop, the results of our musical journey will be shared with the general public, allowing everyone to witness the creative achievements of our talented students and dedicated teachers. Stay tuned for the exciting outcomes of our immersive minimal music workshop!