Launch of the SMERALD project:

start of surveys and secondary research

Dear project enthusiasts,

 as we lay the groundwork for this transformative endeavour.

The cornerstone of our efforts is the careful collection of data and insights to effectively shape our strategies. To this end, we have launched a comprehensive desk research initiative, carefully curated by Dataninja. This research focuses on gathering information on potential case studies, structured in a format that ensures comparability across countries.

To facilitate this process, Dataninja has developed a user-friendly Google form.

This form serves as a central platform where each partner can enter data about the business cases to be analysed. Through this structured approach, we aim to gain invaluable insights that will guide the course of our project.

We are delighted to announce an important milestone in the SMERALD project’s journey to empower European SMEs in the digital age. We are pleased to announce the launch of specific surveys and desk research to provide a solid foundation for our initiatives

We are also pleased to announce that the SMERALD project now has its official logo, symbolising our commitment to digital empowerment and cross-border collaboration.

As we enter this exciting phase of data collection and analysis, we invite all stakeholders to join us in shaping a future where European SMEs thrive in the digital landscape. Together, let’s pave the way for innovation, resilience and prosperity.

Stay tuned as we continue to break new ground in digital transformation.