Greetings eco-enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the heart of the GEA Project – an EU-funded initiative passionately steering the ship towards a greener, more conscious tomorrow.

What is GEA?

GEA, short for “Growing into Eco-conscious Adults,” unites seven partner companies from across the EU. This powerhouse consortium is on a mission to revolutionize adult environmental education, and here’s a sneak peek into the exciting journey so far!

Palermo Rendezvous: Fueling Progress

Picture this: On the 29th and 30th of June, the brilliant minds behind GEA gathered in the vibrant city of Palermo. Hosted by CESIE, the project coordinator, this in-person meeting was more than just a convergence of minds – it was a catalyst for progress. Partners from Italy, Belgium, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Macedonia, and Lithuania brought their insights to the table, fostering rich discussions and laying the groundwork for the project’s next steps.

The Power of Collaboration and Insight

This unique meeting provided a platform for exchanging ideas, discussing country-specific findings, and shaping the path forward. The consortium, actively finalizing their research, delved into online questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups. Representatives of the project’s target groups played a pivotal role, ensuring diverse perspectives and a nuanced understanding of different geographical realities.

Upcoming Spotlight: The GEA Interactive Report

Hold onto your eco-hats because the GEA Interactive Report is in the final stages of production! This treasure trove of insights will unveil the state of citizen science within the seven partner countries. From Italy’s rolling landscapes to Lithuania’s serene vistas, the report promises a comprehensive exploration of citizen science’s impact and potential. But that’s not all – it will also introduce you to the fascinating world of citizen science itself.

Stay Tuned for the Unveiling!

Excited to peek behind the scenes? The GEA Interactive Report will soon be available on the project’s website at Get ready to immerse yourself in the diverse tapestry of eco-conscious efforts across Europe. The journey is just beginning, and your ticket to the front row is just a click away!

Join us in unlocking the secrets of sustainable living with GEA.