The Competences+ team has elaborated a 2-days training module to help access the labor market by valorizing skills acquired during volunteering and mobility experience abroad.

The objective of the training is to support those who return form a mobility experience to frame and propose the competences acquired abroad for their job search prospective.
The two days offer activities that allow participants to correctly define the skills acquired and be able to describe them during a job interview.

The dynamic and group activities include an analysis of one’s past and present professional experiences  to recognize the actual acquisition of skills through comparison with others.
It also proposes an analysis of the current labor market and some practical exercises to identify in the job advertisements the requirements that belong to one’s own cv.

After a general presentation  the participants are engaged  with these goals:

  • To get feedback about the mobility experience
  • help verbalize their experiences
  • help verbalize the future scenarios

Main activities:

  • Who I am: presentation of present, past and future
  • What I am really able to do :  I present myself to the others through my skills balance
  • What I can do now with  this experience.
  • Presentation of local job opportunities.

Click here for a manual for carrying out the training. You can find a manual for the training here.