Competences+ is a two year project that aims at creating innovative tools to help participants access the labour market. In the past year the website was created for people who participated in a mobility project and are now back from their journey. It provides information that is required to get access to the labour market, get back to training or become an entrepreneur.

The website contains three sections.

  1. An information collection of available offers and measures that support people in getting access to the labour market, get back to training, become an entrepreneur, or to get their competences validated.
  2. An online tool to identify your competences after returning from a mobility. With the help of an easy to use online questionnaire people get the chance to identify or become more aware of their competences and talents.
  3. Training material for updating your CV and cover letter. Five online units give an overview how to better value and present the competences acquired during a mobility in their job application. The goal is to capitalize on the experiences that someone has made abroad.

Our main objective of this website is to provide participants of a mobility with an online collection of all the required information to be oriented after the end of their mobility project. Working through the provided information on the website assists participants to define their professional and/or personal future after their return from a mobility project. They can refine their objectives and get an idea how and where they can find support or assistance to reach their goals.

The content of the website is country related and available for France, Germany, Italy, and the UK. Respectively the information and training is provided in the four languages French, German, Italian and English.

The use of the information offer and online training is free of charge and no registration is necessary.