Update – The second PACTICE meeting took place in Liverpool at the beginning of April. The project PRACTICE – Preventing Radicalism through Critical Thinking Competences – will, among other things, develop an innovative, EU-wide programme for the prevention of radicalism in school education.

The main objective of the second meeting was to exchange and finalize the field research, to provide an intensive phase of interviews with teachers and stakeholders and to provide a comprehensive and detailed basis for the further development of the project. The results of the interviews were also supplemented by desk research that went deeper into the material. The overall results of these two phases will then be compiled, compared and analysed. The resulting conclusions will form an important basis, the Comparative Research Report, which will contain the findings of the seven partner countries. These results will also be available online.

The further development of the project, the so-called Practice Radicalisation prevention programme, will be developed in the next few months in a joint partnership and then tested in the field.


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