As the #EverGREEN training in Nice approached its zenith, participants embarked on a memorable third and final day brimming with insights, hands-on experiences, and a glimpse of sustainable excellence. The day commenced with an enlightening excursion to the “Lycée hôtelier Jeanne et Paul Augier,” a trailblazing hotel and tourism school renowned for its commitment to sustainability.

The excursion provided a firsthand glimpse into the school’s meticulous modernization efforts, showcasing sustainable practices in action. Notably, the kitchens and waste management systems exemplified eco-friendly innovation, offering valuable lessons on seamless sustainability integration into daily operations.

A culinary highlight awaited participants—a three-course meal meticulously crafted and served by the talented students of Lycée hôtelier Jeanne et Paul Augier. Beyond satisfying the palate, the gastronomic experience celebrated sustainable cuisine, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between learning, sustainability, and collaborative joy.

The excursion left an indelible impression, fostering a shared appreciation for the school’s dedication and innovation. It served as a poignant journey into sustainable practices, culminating the training’s emphasis on real-world application.

Following the excursion, the training transitioned to an engaging discussion on the forthcoming everGREEN Alliance. Participants explored membership benefits and post-training steps, envisioning the Alliance as a nexus for ongoing collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual support among organizations committed to sustainable VET practices.

The day concluded with a reflective wrap-up discussion, providing a platform for participants to share insights and reflections. A feedback session facilitated an exchange of thoughts, ensuring the #EverGREEN training evolves to meet the community’s needs and expectations. Certificates were awarded, symbolizing participants’ commitment to driving positive change in their organizations.

As the sun set on the final day, the #EverGREEN community stood united, armed with knowledge, inspiration, and a shared vision for a sustainable vocational education landscape. The echoes of the insightful excursion, Alliance discussions, and shared sustainable meal moments will reverberate as participants return to their organizations, empowered to turn aspirations into reality.

The training’s conclusion marks not an endpoint but a launchpad for a collective journey toward a greener, more sustainable educational future. Stay tuned for updates on the #EverGREEN community’s continued impact as it strides forward into the future.