Navigating the research landscape:

Adjustments for progress in SMERALD

Dear project enthusiasts,

We are at a crucial point in our journey to strengthen European SMEs through the SMERALD project, characterised by extensive research efforts. Our endeavour to establish a reliable baseline has led us to embark on a multifaceted research journey that includes desk research, surveys and focus group interviews.

However, as with any ambitious endeavour, we encountered nuances and complexities along the way that required adaptation and flexibility. Despite our original plan to complete the research by the end of the year, we have come across valuable insights that have led us to recalibrate our approach.

One of the most important findings was the realisation that companies in this area need individual attention. The deeper we go into our research, the more we realise how important it is to approach each company individually and tailor our interactions to their unique needs and preferences.

In addition, we have found that interviews, especially those that lead to solid results, require more time and resources than originally anticipated. Building meaningful contacts and cultivating relationships with stakeholders is a gradual process that cannot be rushed.

Given the diverse geographic distribution of our research efforts, spanning multiple countries and borders, we have also encountered logistical challenges that require us to adjust our original timeline. Coordinating efforts across different regions requires careful planning and coordination to ensure seamless collaboration and alignment of objectives.

With this in mind, we have adopted adaptability as a guiding principle and recognise that flexibility is essential for progress. While our journey will take some twists and turns along the way, we remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving our overarching goals.

As we navigate the research landscape, we thank all stakeholders for their continued support and understanding. Let’s work together in a spirit of collaboration and resilience towards a future where European SMEs take a leading role in the digital space.

Stay tuned for updates as we move forward on this transformative journey.