Here we are with the Dalfys’ competence framework

Driven by Bupnet, all partners worked together to collect competences of interest in their educational context. Through the help of a Miro Board,  partners worked on tandem in virtual room on the Zoom platform

and defined knowledge, skills and attitudes related to four main competences.

Then all members of the consortium looked to all the sub competences described to see if they were clear to everyone. At the end, partners highlighted the most important points from the DigComp framework in the field of Data Literacy. The following list is a quite complete summary of competences highlighted by partners: data analysis, data awareness, analytical thinking, critical thinking, storytelling, evaluating the reliability of data sources, data interpretation, data discovery, data tools, data visualization, data ethics, IT competencies. Starting from these competences, partners will work to: (1) define which ones they will work with; (2) draft a sub-competences list related to the selected ones; (3) draft a learning unit plan; (4) create lessons for their students; (5) pilot these lessons and share results with other consortium members..