The 12th Reveal conference in a hybrid format has just been held with a successful presentation of different formats combining online participants from all over Europe and local participants from Palermo as well as some European partners we had the pleasure to travel to.

In close contact with the Datalit and Pitch project, the Deal project offered a first insight into new and innovative learning approaches that can be used in different scenarios.

The concept was characterised by a mixture of project presentations as well as active workshop elements – all under the sign of innovation and creativity.

Building on two previous workshop days, the conference was the final event, characterised by the presentation of prototype ideas and concepts in different formats.

As unique as the individual presentations were, they were based on a common methodological approach: the design-based collaborative learning approach. (Want to know more about this approach? Take a closer look at the DEAL project outcomes).

The field of participants was large and came from more than 10 European countries, so a great potential of new ideas, crazy solutions and alternative approaches.