The VIVA Project started January 1st 2022, aiming at addressing one of the many features characterising the digital transformation our society is currently undergoing, that is the digitalisation of the teaching and learning experiences, especially in the higher education sector.

Its main objective is to implementing design-based collaborative learning integration strategy in Higher Education.

The project is organised along a set of 4 content related work packages, producing the main Results:

  1. Comparison of best practices On innovative design-based collaborative learning offers provided by European HEIs and internshipn partners.
  2. Competence Framework Developing Competence framework for a. HE trainers and programme designers and b. HE learners for self-learning competences while using digital learning approaches and devices (digital learning literacy)
  3. Design-based collaborative learning integration strategy This result will provide a comprehensive integration framework to apply the VIVA approach in a direct and modular way
  4. CPD Concept for Educators in HE Based on the competence framework and the action research results, Competence Oriented Learning and Validation course curriculum and modules will be established based on the well proven REVEAL methodology

More information will follow soon!