The Dedalus project – DEveloping DAta Literacy courses for University Students – aims to equip students with the necessary skills to meet future digital challenges and create added value for the companies and industries in which they will be employed. At the same time, by providing CPD qualifications for university professionals, it will develop the digital literacy skills of educators and enable them to transfer these skills into their practice.

The kick-off meeting was hosted by the CNR (Italian National Research Council – Institute for Educational Technologies) in Palermo, Italy, from 20 to 21 January 2020. All eight partners from 6 European nations participated in this meeting to discuss the most important issues together and to jointly develop the future way of working. As a result, the central keystones were defined, administrative issues were clarified and the basis for a strong partnership was laid.

The Dedalus Consortium:


More information can be found on the Dedalus website!