We are excited to bring you a brief update on the status of the DREAMM project, an initiative that has been making significant strides in promoting the successful integration of third country nationals in Germany.

All of the DREAMM orientation and joint community action activities have been successfully completed. These activities have played a crucial role in equipping both the DREAMM Mentors and Lead Mentors with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide integration services to third country nationals. The hard work and dedication of all participants have made these accomplishments possible, and we extend our gratitude to each of them.

Our project’s external advisory board members have helped us evaluate the success of the project and collect feedback on how to improve future endeavors.

As we approach the conclusion of the project, we would like to announce that the final project conference will take place in the city of Perugia, Italy from April 27th to 29th. This event will serve as a platform for project mentors and lead mentors, stakeholders and partners to reflect on the project’s achievements, share their experiences, and discuss ways to improve and expand upon the project’s initiatives in the future.

The impact of the DREAMM project will continue to be felt long after its completion. The DREAMM Mentors and Lead Mentors who were trained during the project activities will continue to apply the skills and knowledge they gained to offer integration services to third country nationals in Germany. This will ensure that the project’s legacy lives on, fostering the development of inclusive and cohesive communities for years to come.