Empowering Educators: eDialogue Training Course in Athens Paves the Way for Open Dialogue in Schools

In mid-January, the highly anticipated eDialogue project training course unfolded in Athens, setting the stage for a transformative educational experience. The objective was to introduce the concept of open dialogue in schools, developed as part of the project, with the aim of supporting and empowering teachers and educators in utilizing digital tools and resources. By enhancing their capacity to engage students and address social issues, this innovative methodology fosters social inclusion and creates inclusive educational environments.

A Dynamic Training Event

During the training course, representatives from implementing organizations and two educators from each country had the opportunity to delve into the content, key learning materials, and essential information of the eDialogue project. The event served as a platform to present and familiarize participants with the innovative methodology, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement it within their educational settings.

National Open Dialogue Moderators (NODMs)

As a result of the training course, a cohort of trained educators emerged as the project’s National Open Dialogue Moderators (NODMs). These dedicated individuals will serve as agents for promoting and utilizing the training package developed by the eDialogue project. They will play a crucial role in engaging other educators, delivering relevant training sessions, and providing essential information activities. Furthermore, they will act as focal points for advocating open dialogue and fostering social inclusion in their respective countries. Their invaluable insights and suggestions will shape the implementation process and ensure the project’s success.

Staying Connected and Informed

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Shaping an Inclusive Future: Empowerment through eDialogue in Education

The eDialogue training course in Athens marks a significant achievement in the project’s journey. By introducing the concept of open dialogue in schools and empowering educators through digital tools and resources, the project strives to create inclusive educational environments where students are engaged and social issues are addressed. The trained educators, now National Open Dialogue Moderators, are instrumental in driving the project forward. Their commitment to promoting open dialogue and fostering social inclusion will undoubtedly have a transformative impact on education in their respective countries. Together, we are shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for students across Europe.

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