Generators of Sustainable Development meets reveal15 conference​

Towards a Circular Sustainbility Culture

In June 2023, Göttingen, Germany became the epicentre of sustainability innovation when it hosted the highly anticipated reveal15 conference “Towards a circular sustainability culture”.

Over the course of 1.5 days, this dynamic event brought together a diverse group of more than 150 participants from across Europe, including experts, stakeholders and local supporters. With its unique conference format of workshops, discussions and an innovative exhibition, reveal15 aimed to stimulate curiosity and promote a circular sustainability culture.

Creating Curiosity through Innovative Formats

reveal15 stood out for its unique format designed to engage attendees and raise awareness of sustainable practices.

Through interactive workshops, attendees engaged in hands-on activities that explored topics such as circular economy, biochar, and sustainable design. Stimulating discussions and engaging presentations served to spark curiosity and encourage attendees to think critically about the importance of a circular approach to sustainability.