The PROMOTE Final Conference, held on June 14-15, 2023, in Göttingen, Germany, was a culmination of the PROMOTE project’s efforts to advance prosthetic and orthotic (P&O) education in Europe. With over 120 participants from across the Europe and from an array of sectors, such as higher education, businesses, adult education and NGOs, the conference highlighted the collaborative strength in P&O education.

EU Projects Showcase

The conference featured a diverse range of EU projects, addressing societal challenges in sustainability, health/medical innovation, and social inclusion. PROMOTE was prominently featured among these initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to holistic education and social impact.

Philosophical Exploration and Insights

The conference blended a philosophical exploration of sustainability with practical thematic insights. Attendees were encouraged to reflect on the role of education and technology in creating a sustainable world. Practical discussions equipped participants with actionable knowledge.

PROMOTE’s Influence

PROMOTE played a pivotal role in shaping the conference content. It emphasized its impact on P&O education, standardization, and continuous improvement. The conference highlighted PROMOTE’s commitment to empowering P&O specialists across Europe.

Learners’ Innovations

A highlight was the showcase of projects by learners from PROMOTE’s Design Thinking Course. These projects, presented in both the exhibition and the conference closing ceremony, demonstrated practical applications of their knowledge and celebrated their creativity.

The PROMOTE Final Conference was a success, leaving a mark on P&O education in Europe. It was more than just a conference; it was a platform for collaboration and inspiration. Stay tuned for insights and updates as we continue to shape the future of P&O education in Europe.