REBUS stands for REady for BUSiness and it is a the large project to create and validate entrepreneurship competences at universities in Balkan countries and Russia.

It was designed by the Prof. Branko Vučijak from the University of Sarajevo, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Bosnia and Herzegovina and two members of the REVEAL community (die berater and blinc) and successfully submitted at the EACEA under the KA2 programme Capacity Building in Higher Education.

REBUS aims at the development of a competence oriented teaching and learning approach for students of different faculties to acquire entrepreneurial competences. Based on an intensive stocktaking a competence framework for entrepreneurship competences will be set up. Next a modular learning approach in blended learning modality will be developed and applied in a double piloting phase.

The project will be sceintifically accompanied and evaluated by the University of Duisburg-Essen, Vocational Education and Training Department, Prof. Dr. Esther Winther.