At the beginning of September, the Practice Team met in Citta di Castello, Italy, to test and adapt the material developed and the methods of the program for the prevention of radicalization. During an intensive five-day exchange and test phase, the partners there helped to develop a program that aims to prevent radicalism through critical thinking. The mixed group of trainers, teachers, social workers, module and content developers and stakeholders used all their experience and expertise to produce high quality material.

For example, blinc was supported by a local teacher, who was able to bring a substantial understanding of how to implement the material in the classroom. As the German curriculum is quite strict, the modules of the program should be easy to adapt and easy to implement in the classroom. Experiences like these are important for the practical application of the “Practice Radicalisation Prevention Programme”.

In addition, the host organisation Villa Montedesca was able to establish contact with the court and local politics to bring another interesting perspective to the project.

The next step will be to complete the programme and make it accessible via the Internet.

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