Over the past four months, the collective efforts of two influential EU projects, PROMOTE and GSD, culminated in the successful delivery of the transformative course, “Design Thinking for Sustainable Innovators.” Drawing participants from diverse professional backgrounds across Europe, this engaging program offered a series of online sessions from February to May. It not only equipped attendees with the theoretical framework of design thinking but also ignited their passion to craft impactful solutions for pressing societal challenges.

Within the course, aspiring Sustainable Innovators were divided into three groups, each taking on a distinctive challenge: addressing food waste, fostering community integration, and enhancing accessibility to prosthetics. Throughout the program, these creative minds explored novel ideas and practical approaches, seeking innovative ways to address these pertinent issues.

The program’s pinnacle moment arrived during the two-day, in-person prototyping session held in the vibrant city of Göttingen, Germany. This immersive experience allowed the Sustainable Innovators to breathe life into their concepts, transforming them into tangible prototypes that vividly demonstrated the potential of their solutions.

The culmination of their hard work and dedication was unveiled at the esteemed reveal15 Conference, where the three prototypes were presented and put to a vote. “Step for Life,” an ingenious platform aiming to repurpose old prosthetics to benefit those in need, secured the highest number of votes, earning well-deserved recognition.

The journey of our Sustainable Innovators has been nothing short of inspiring, as they harnessed their creativity to contribute meaningfully to society’s betterment. At blinc, we take immense pride in fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence, empowering visionary minds to drive positive change.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking initiatives that will continue to nurture innovation and promote sustainable solutions. Together, we can build a world where creativity thrives, and sustainable practices lead us towards a brighter and more promising future.

For more information about the projects, please visit their websites at https://gsd-eu.org/ and https://promote-po.eu/.

Additionally, for further details about the reveal15 Conference, visit https://reveal-eu.org/reveal15-conference/.