October 2019 – during the first pilot phase of the T4S approach, almost a whole week was spent testing, re-creating, adapting and modifying the system. Each partner + one expert (per country) in the field of CSR have tested the concept over a long period of days in order to check the developed methods and adapt them if necessary.

As a reminder: the T4S approach aims at a training concept with innovative methods and tools in the field of cooperative social responsibility (CSR). In detail, it is an approach to raise the awareness of employees in the field of CSR through different steps by using the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • awareness raising: a team building concept – employees have a day of social engagement and the opportunity for self-reflective guidance to give the programme the necessary depth.
  • an individual training of employees: Blended Learning, based on a competence framework with the most needed competences in this field, is offered through a combination of face2face and e-learning concept.

As nowadays the smartphone has become a constant companion of many employees, the partnership also thought about the idea of creating an APP as a kind of guide and benefit for the employees. But at this point in time this idea is still in its very beginning.

As a milestone of the week, the practical activity and its effects on the partnership and the experts should be mentioned. The activity itself, a trip on the well-known river Po in Northern Italy, was used to get in touch with the impact on the environment and environmental awareness. An essential element was the subsequent discussion round, which made each individual aware of the impact and scope behind the activity. This key element, which was guided by an expert in the field of reflection and evaluation, was decisive for the further options of the project.

The perspective for the beginning of next year will be the final development and presentation of the innovative methods and tools, which will summarize the experiences and insights gained.

Stay tune on the next steps…