On September 26th and 27th the final conference of the REVEAL project and network was organised in Thessaloniki with more than 70 European experts.

REVEAL aimed at professionalisation for Adult Educators with a specific focus on European Continuing Professional Development under the ERASMUS KA1 scheme.

Within its 2 years lifetime the REVEAL project created:

  • A Large scale survey of the KA1 “market” and its stakeholders
  • A platform (provide-eu.org) for those stakeholders, namely grant holders (sending organisations), course provider and hosting organisations and the professionals on mobility
  • A fully fledged qualification on Competence Oriented Learning and Validation
  • Several new OER applications for the REVEAL network

On Sep. 26/27 the yearly REVEAL conference was carried out in Thessaloniki at the Aristotele University under the title KA1 as Driver for Continuing Professional Development. The conference focused on:

  • ERASMUS KA1 – Continuing Professional Development of Adult Educators
  • my-VITA Award for success stories of Course Providers and KA1 grant holders
  • Inauguration of the PROVIDE matching platform for Course Providers and KA1 projects

75 experts from the sector met and discussed the latest developments, walked and talked through the REVEAL exposition, outlined new project ideas and celebrated the eight 2019 winners of the my VITA award. Take a look at the video on: https://youtu.be/ESj2mti5u7k

Besides the LEVEL5 taxonomy system which is still the core of the network and the “engine” of the REVEAL’s Competence Oriented Learning and Validation approach and the my-VITA e-portfolio system REVEAL introduced two new brands for service sectors of the network:

  1. The PROVIDE platform for KA1 stakeholders (provide-eu.org)
    • The Portal for Continuing Professional Development in Europe,
    • Providing Education, Training & Learning Opportunities
  2. The MATHETICS approach to support learner centred informal learning
    with state of-the-art-OER learning technologies (mathetics.eu) incl.

    • The mobile mathetics learning app and badging system
    • The mobile smart survey kit